CelluPulse™ Cellulite Treatment

Most women will develop some degree of cellulite – the dimpled, lumpy skin on the hips, thighs, and buttocks – regardless of weight or age. For those who want to smooth out these areas, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Daryl K. Hoffman offers non-surgical cellulite treatment near San Jose, in Palo Alto with CelluPulse, formerly known as Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT).

Cellupulse uses an acoustic pulse to loosen the fat cells beneath the skin and soften the fibrous support tissue whose rigidity contributes to the dimpled appearance. The treatment works by producing a pressure wave that passes through skin and fat to address both causes.

Dr. Hoffman offers several of the latest, proven cellulite treatments, and he is happy to help you determine the right approach for your needs. To learn more about CelluPulse, request your consultationrequest your consultation with Dr. Hoffman online or call us at (650) 325-1118 (Palo Alto) or (408) 371-1118 (Campbell) to schedule an appointment.

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The Procedure

CelluPulse is completely comfortable and non-invasive, so it requires no anesthesia or pain medication. Each session typically lasts 20 minutes per area of the body. CelluPulse uses two gentle yet effective methods of applying pressure waves to achieve the look you desire:

  • The radial head produces a slow wave with a long duration. This wave breaks up the fibrous septae and increases collagen production. At higher frequencies, the radial head may even improve muscle tone.
  • The planar head produces a higher-energy wave of extremely short duration. Like the radial head, the planar head breaks up the septae.

CelluPulse can improve the appearance of cellulite for areas such as the buttocks, hips and thighs. If you would like more dramatic body sculpting results in these areas, Dr. Hoffman also offers surgical solutions such as Smartlipo™ and tumescent liposuction for his San Jose-area patients.

Recovery and Results

After CelluPulse, no recovery time is necessary and you may return to your normal activities immediately. Very rarely, some patients may experience mild bruising or redness. You may also notice mild warmth, tingling and some increased urination on the day of the treatment. Patients should avoid sun overexposure for 2 days before the treatment, and tanned skin should be evenly colored without blotches.

Multiple sessions are often needed to achieve optimal results. Dr. Hoffman will determine how many sessions will be necessary (typically 6 to 12) and how frequently the sessions should be performed. Typically, patients will require 8 treatments 2 times a week for 4 weeks.

Dr. Hoffman also offers an FDA-approved, minimally invasive method of cellulite reduction called Cellulaze™. This laser-based procedure can smooth out skin depressions for a year or more with just 1 treatment.

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