Breast Implants

From 1992 to 2006, women considering breast enlargement in the Bay Area and throughout the country had only one option – saline implants. However, since FDA approval in 2006, silicone gel implants have become a popular alternative for breast augmentation with implants for San Jose and Palo Alto women. Dr. Daryl Hoffman offers both implant types for his patients considering breast enlargement.

In addition to the type of implant, there are many other factors to consider before your breast augmentation. With so many options, each procedure is unique, so it is important to choose an experienced surgeon who will take the time to understand your goals. A Stanford-trained and board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Hoffman has been a presenter and instructor for the American Society of Breast Surgeons. He has many years of experience in performing breast augmentation procedures, so he understands the various implant options and will be able to recommend a choice to meet your needs.

To meet with Dr. Hoffman and discuss your breast implant options, request your consultation online or call our office at (650) 325-1118 (Palo Alto) or (408) 371-1118 (Campbell) to schedule your appointment.

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Silicone Gel

Silicone breast implants consist of a silicone shell that is filled with silicone gel. This implant type is approved for women age 22 and older for primary breast augmentation. Many women prefer silicone gel implants because they have a more natural look and feel than saline implants and are less likely to have a rippled or wrinkled appearance. Because this implant type holds together even when the shell is pierced or torn, the FDA recommends regular screenings for women who have silicone implants to detect “silent” rupture.

Keller Funnel™

Silicone implants have historically required larger incisions than saline implants; however, Dr. Hoffman uses the Keller Funnel™ to insert silicone implants for a smaller incision. The implant is compressed into a lubricated funnel, which can then be squeezed, releasing the implant into the perfect position and eliminating the need for Dr. Hoffman to touch the implant (which helps to minimize infection risk). With the Keller Funnel, Dr. Hoffman can use a smaller incision for each implant and needs less time in surgery.

Dr. Daryl Hoffman

Dr. Daryl Hoffman

Dr. Hoffman is a board-certified and Stanford-trained plastic surgeon serving the San Jose, Palo Alto, and Campbell, CA, areas. He is known for his warm approach, modern techniques, and exceptional results. He takes pride in using his more than 20 years of experience in plastic surgery to offer advanced surgical approaches to the women and men he treats. Learn how he can help make your aesthetic goals a reality.

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Like silicone implants, saline implants have a silicone rubber outer shell. Inside, however, they are filled with a sterile saltwater solution. Many women prefer saline-filled breast implants because they are more comfortable with the choice of saline. In the event of an implant rupture, saline is harmlessly absorbed by the body and the rupture will be noticed immediately.


Ideal Implant logo

Dr. Hoffman is also among the first plastic surgeons in the U.S. to offer the innovative IDEAL IMPLANT. This saline-filled implant includes a unique structure, with several inner shells called “baffles” that add support to the implant. This gives it a very natural feel and shape, and it minimizes cosmetic complications such as rippling that are more common with other saline implants.

Ideal implant has an outer shell, an inner shell and battle shells that protect and inner and outer lumen

Shape, Profile, and Texture

In your consultation with Dr. Hoffman, you will also discuss considerations such as:

  • Shape: Implants may be either round or teardrop in shape to approximate natural breast contour.
  • Profile: The profile of your breast implants, also known as “projection,” determines how far they will “stick out” from the chest wall. Implants generally come in high, medium, or low profile.
  • Texture: The exterior shell of an implant may be either textured or smooth. Dr. Hoffman generally prefers smooth implants but also uses textured implants when they are necessary.

After Dr. Hoffman has carefully guided you through your options, and you have thoroughly discussed your goals and concerns, you will select an implant together. With this personal attention, you can confidently move forward with your breast augmentation procedure. For women who want subtle enhancement without breast implants, Dr. Hoffman offers natural breast augmentation using fat-grafting, which includes liposuction.

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