For many people, the shape or size of the nose detracts from overall facial symmetry and balance. With cosmetic nose surgery, commonly known as rhinoplasty, Palo Alto and San Jose plastic surgeon Dr. Daryl K. Hoffman can reshape your nose for a more pleasing contour. Dr. Hoffman also performs nose surgery for men and women with breathing problems such as a deviated septum.

People considering rhinoplasty should be confident that their surgeon has the training and surgical experience to produce a result that looks naturally beautiful. Dr. Hoffman is Stanford-trained and certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Throughout his many years in private practice, he has provided men and women with highly satisfying surgical results. Take a moment to view before and after photographs of Dr. Hoffman's rhinoplasty patients.

To learn more about nose surgery, request your consultationrequest your consultation with Dr. Hoffman online or call us at (650) 325-1118 (Palo Alto) or (408) 371-1118 (Campbell) to schedule an appointment. Some people choose to have other facial sculpting procedures in addition to rhinoplasty to further refine their look. You can discuss these options with Dr. Hoffman during your initial consultation.

Before & After Photos

You will be inspired. See some of the impressive results attained by Dr. Hoffman's actual cosmetic surgery patients.

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The Procedure

Dr. Hoffman customizes every rhinoplasty he performs. In general, rhinoplasty is performed under either IV sedation or general anesthesia in an outpatient surgery center. Incisions are made either entirely inside the nose (a closed procedure) or across the tissue that separates the nostrils, the columella (an open procedure). Dr. Hoffman uses these incisions to gain access to internal structures and reshape the nose.

Recovery and Results

Rhinoplasty patients should spend the day after surgery in bed with their head elevated. This will help minimize swelling and discomfort, both of which should begin to lessen after a few days. It may take several months for the swelling to dissipate completely, and patients should expect subtle changes in the shape of the nose for up to a year after surgery.

Most people are ready to return to work about a week after their rhinoplasty. This is one of the most popular facial plastic surgery procedures and Dr. Hoffman's patients overwhelmingly are happier with the face they see in the mirror following surgery.

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