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We have compiled real ratings of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Daryl K. Hoffman here for your convenience. If you would like to discover for yourself why Dr. Hoffman has earned a reputation for exceeding expectations, please request a consultation online or call (650) 325-1118. 

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My results are beautiful and my confidence has returned Dr Hoffman and his Staff provided Exceptional service during my procedures, and Follow up appointments. Dr Hoffman was very informative with what was going to be performed and spent quality time answering all of my questions.My results are Beautiful and my Confidence has returned.

I have been reading all of the reviews and q&as on here and I am finally starting my review! I have 3 kids and I’m in my thirties. My last pregnancy was twins and as you can see, I got a lot of stretch marks from it. I lost weight after they were born, but gained a lot back. I am 5’4” for reference. I’m excited for the muscle repair and to get rid of everything below my belly button....

Hello everyone, after breast feeding 3 kids my breast decrease from a 32B to a flate A. I went to 3 consultation before deciding on my PS. The first consualt I went to she seems a little impersonal. She measure me and decided 237 to 250cc would be the max I can go. The second consult i qoute was out of my budget at 9300. All 3 PS offer the ideal implant. I choose Dr.Hoffman in Cambell. Him...

Dr Hoffman and a patient coordinator left me even though I had more questions because next patient is waiting. I was very upset. I wish i didn't drive 2 and half hours for this consultation. Also, dr. Hoffman refused to go over his past patients before and after photos with me. This makes me wonder if he is proud of his past surgeries. It is very hard to trust a surgeon to provide me a good...

Plastic surgery is very popular here in Silicon Valley, and I have met quite a few of Dr. Hoffman's very happy patients (breast augs). From what I've seen, his work is beautiful!! It's very difficult to choose a Doctor, I would recommend going to someone who you feel comfortable with and have seen their work first hand. Dr. Hoffman truly is one of the top plastic surgeons from what I've...

I've always had bigger thighs/hips/butt and smaller breasts (no matter how much I diet or exercise). I did a lot of research, consulted with many doctors and learned about Dr. Hoffman and his SVELT procedure. I'm probably going to do 2-3 sessions, where they take a smaller amount of fat, and in the following sessions add more to build upon the first grafted fat. I'm currently between a size...

I'm a 37 year old woman, 2 months away from turning 38. I've always been athletic (19 marathons in the last 8 years) but always had a stomach pooch. I'm 5'3 and my weight tends to hover around 135-140lbs, no kids. Given the pandemic and being less active, I gained about 10 more lbs and all of it went to my stomach. I've always known I wanted a mommy makeover after I have kids but since it's...

Dr. Hoffman was absolutely amazing! I could not be happier with my results. After what having kids did to my body, I finally feel comfortable in my clothing and I have Dr. Hoffman to thank for that! He answered all my questions and put me at ease. His office staff is wonderful and supportive. Thank you for giving me back my confidence!

Daryl and his nurses and coordinators are absolutely amazing. I required multiple surgeries to remove a number of benign tumors for both cosmetic and clinical reasons. Dr Hoffman's work was better in every way than other experts in the bay area. His surgery was faster, his excisions were much smaller, the heal time was much faster and the scars were practically invisible after a couple of...

Hey Dr. Hoffman-

Thank you for doing my operation, I’m so excited to FINALLY have a womanly body. I’m going to show your fabulous work off every chance I get. It’s going to be such a great feeling to finally be comfortable and confident in my own skin and that’s all because of you!

Thanks, R.M.*

Dear Dr. Hoffman,

Thank you so much for all your time, patience, nice smiles & wonderful work. Please also pass on my sincere thanks to your staff-they are wonderful!


Dear Dr. Hoffman,

Thank you very much for your medical magic!

Best wishes, D.B.*

Dr. Hoffman,

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and continue to do for me. I appreciate the wonderful job that you are doing & I’m thankful for a great doctor.

Thanks, S.B.*

Dear Dr. Hoffman,

Thank you for being such a wonderful doctor.


Dr. Hoffman,

Thank you for the great medical care. I was very scared about having my nose reshaped. You and your wonderful staff made it easy.

PS I love my new nose

Sincerely, M.M.*

Dear Dr. Hoffman-

Just a quick note of thanks for the patience you’ve shown me during my pre-op process. I really appreciate your time and kindness-it has really helped to soothe my nerves!!

Thanks again- C.B.*

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